We’re a brand new company launching 6 May at The Wrap Show. Knowing that a jacket can be more than functional, we have designed a new market leader that will work from maternity days, to baby carrier adventures on both front and back, then back ready for an evening night out when you are out alone!

Our Team

Melissa, Founder

A mother of two, Melissa lives in Central London with no car and plenty of baby carriers. She’s a sling librarian and baby carrier consultant, and one night, pregnant with her second, she had an epiphany – a jacket that she could wear without the hassles of inserts that would accommodate her bump and her toddler. A daughter of a seamstress, she knew she would need expert help to launch this product that would change the marketplace.

Azizah, Designer and Consultant

Azizah, mother of two, freelance medical writer, wrap company partner www.bebesachi.com , sling librarian and  baby carrier consultant and Melissa’s friend. She heard Melissa’s brief of an idea and leapt. Getting together one Friday morning at Royal Festival Hall, she and Melissa played with a number of different jackets and coats, sorted through fabric samples and doodled to see how we could turn this into something three-dimensional.

Madeline, Designer and Creator

Enter Madeline, mother of three, peer supporter, and a couture fashion and bespoke wedding dress designer www.bondandbrown.com. Azizah brought Madeline onto the team to make the jacket real. A master of fabric, machine, and pattern, Madeline drafted several demos that were edited over the winter of 2017 to create our first line.

So the adventure continues…